Operation Round Up(date) - 2022 Q1 Funding

Operation Round Up(date) - 2022 Q1 Funding

Congratulations to the recipients of Operation Round Up funding from the first quarter of 2022! The Operation Round Up Committee reviewed many excellent applications and awarded funds to seven organizations. We are pleased that EQUS members can support these great projects in our rural communities:

Didsbury Elks Lodge, $2,649 - Funding to purchase new benches for the playground area at the Cipperly's Pond Elks Campground.

Foremost Minor Baseball, $2,500 - Funds for the purchase of new equipment to be used by youth aged four to 15 in the community. Equipment purchased will include balls, bats, training aides, and safety equipment.

Interlake Golden Age Club, $2,245 - Funding to upgrade lighting in the community hall located in the Darwell area. The Club will replace existing flourescent light fixtures with LED lights which will reduce operating costs and increase sustainability.

Mountain View Communities Adult Learning Society, $3,000 - Funds for the purchase of laptops and tablets to be used to deliver the Digital Connections program to area seniors.

Pioneer Acres Plowmen and Threshermen's Club of Alberta, $5,000 - Funding to purchase interpretive signage for artifacts and buildings at the Pioneer Acres Agricultural Museum.

Rosebud Community Hall, $1,500 - Funds to upgrade the existing wheelchair ramp at the community hall. The new ramp will be wider, improving safety and accessibility for all users of the hall.

Sundre Municipal Library, $5,000 - Funds to purchase new shelves for the library's books

Operation Round Up is a program that provides grants to initiatives that support rural youth and seniors using funds raised from participating EQUS members rounding their monthly bills up to the nearest dollar. Operation Round Up funds are awarded by a committee that consists of the EQUS CEO, one representative from the EQUS Board of Directors, and three EQUS members. The committee meets quarterly to review applications and award funding of up to $5,000 per initiative.

The next deadline to apply for Operation Round Up Funding is coming up on June 30!

Learn more about Operation Round Up and apply online using our new form!

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