Financing and Incentives for Solar

New Revenue Opportunity for EQUS Micro-Generators!

EQUS is pleased to announce a new program in partnership with ReWatt Power to open new revenue sources for our micro-generation members.

ReWatt Power has developed an innovative web-based platform to streamline a once expensive and time-consuming process of tracking and validating Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). RECs are purchased by major energy consumers to help offset their carbon emissions. Previously, a single micro-generation system producing less than 50KW of solar power did not generate enough power to produce an attractive amount of RECs.

ReWatt Power’s platform will pool all of the micro-generation together across EQUS’ membership to produce enough RECs to be attractive to credit worthy buyers. Additionally, they will facilitate the transaction process with these buyers and then distribute the revenue back to EQUS’ micro-generation members who are part of the program in accordance with the percentage of generation they contribute to the pool.

If you are a micro-generation member and want to join this program to start earning new revenue please contact Rick Maclise at 1.888.211.4011 to see if you qualify.

EQUS Helps Members Finance Solar PV Units

EQUS members have the option to request financing for solar installation costs. Subject to approved credit, members may receive $1,500 per kW installed, up to $15,000 total financing per EQUS service.

Contact your Area Office 

Government Incentives

Applications are currently being accepted for the Energy Efficiency Alberta solar rebate program. Homeowners, businesses and non-profit organizations could be eligible to receive a rebate of up to 30% of the installation cost.

Please visit efficiencyalberta.ca for more information.

Growing Forward 2 is a partnership between the provincial, territorial and federal governments to invest in innovation, competitiveness and market development within the agriculture and agri-food sector. The On-Farm Solar Photovoltaic program, within the Growing Forward 2 initiative, is accepting applications from Albertans with an energy rate class of Farm, Irrigation, Grain Drying or equivalent.

Please visit growingforward.alberta.ca for more information.

Click Here to read the member communication regarding the Growing Forward 2 initiative.

Click Here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

There are a number of government programs that are accepting applications for funding. If you are considering a new solar installation please take a moment to review each program to see which one you can maximize. Please note that if you have participated in one program will not qualify for rebates from another government funded program for the same project.

Please visit solaralberta.ca for more incentive programs.

EQUS Offers Incentives for Solar PV Units

Currently, nearly 50 EQUS members are micro-generators. Like our members, EQUS is committed to being a steward in the field of micro-generation, and we even boast our own solar PV unit on the top of our Innisfail office. To further support micro-generation efforts, EQUS provides financing options and incentives to members who become solar PV micro-generators.

EQUS will provide $0.10/W of solar PV installed to a maximum of $500 (5 kW). This is capped at $10,000 total for EQUS for 2019.

EQUS members also have the option to request financing for solar installation costs. Subject to approved credit, members may receive $1,500 per kW installed, up to $15,000 total financing per EQUS service. This is capped at $300,000 total for EQUS for 2019.

To take advantage of these incentives, EQUS members starting the micro-generation process should contact their Area Office, and Area Service Administrators will advise members of these incentives and applicable Government of Alberta grants.

Incentives will be received when work orders are complete and the service is installed.

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Solar Frequently Asked Questions

I heard that there are financing options through EQUS to get a solar system installed. What are the financing options?

EQUS members have the option to request financing for solar installation costs. Subject to approved credit, members may receive $1,500 per kW installed, up to $15,000 total financing per EQUS service.

What incentives does EQUS have for solar?

EQUS will provide $0.10/W of solar PV installed to a maximum of $500 (5kW). This is capped at $10,000 for 2019. 

Are there any other financial incentives available?

Incentives may be available from the Government of Alberta for your micro-generation installation.

If I have two EQUS services and I want a 5kW solar installation on both sites can I apply for two EQUS incentives, one for each site?


Is the EQUS funding available for an addition to my existing solar installation?


Can I stage my total installation over three years? Install 3kW during 2019 and 2kW during 2021 and get the full $500 funding in 2019?

You can stage your installation, but you only get EQUS 2019 grant money for whatever is installed during 2019. Note that it is more expensive to stage this especially on such a small installation.

I’m interested in installing a wind generation or other type of micro-generation system. Am I eligible for financing or incentives?

At this time, EQUS’ financing options will only be available to members who are installing a solar PV system. As alternate technology changes over time, EQUS will monitor and change this program as required.

I have previously installed a solar PV system – can I get EQUS financing or incentives?

EQUS finance options will not be retroactive for previous installations. Solar PV systems must be installed following the launch of EQUS’ Solar Preferred Supplier Program to be eligible.


All members are free to purchase electricity services through EQUS’ regulated rate tariff or from a retailer of their choice. The delivery of electricity to you is not affected by your choice. If you change who you purchase electricity services from, you will continue receiving electricity from EQUS. For a current list of retailers you may choose from, visit http://www.ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310.4822 (toll free in Alberta).