Solar Preferred Supplier Program

EQUS has partnered with SkyFire Energy to help members become solar micro-generators.

Through this program, EQUS members are provided a turnkey solar PV package to simplify the micro-generator process.


Solar Preferred Supplier Program Steps
  1. Member contacts their EQUS Area Office
  2. SkyFire completes preliminary assessment from satellite/aerial imagery
  3. SkyFire conducts a free site assessment as well as provides detailed design and quotation
  4. Member decides on financing option with EQUS, if desired
  5. Upon member's approval, SkyFire proceeds with micro-generation application and building, development and electrical permits
  6. SkyFire installs member's solar PV system
  7. Electrical and building inspections
  8. Bi-directional meter installation by EQUS
  9. System walk through and delivery of operation manuals and warranties, plus energization!

Preferred Supplier Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is EQUS’ Solar Preferred Supplier Program?

Through a Request for Proposals process, EQUS has selected SkyFire Energy as the preferred solar supplier. This is to help easily connect EQUS members who are interested in becoming micro-generators with a reputable contractor to supply and install a solar system for them. It also provides a streamlined process from start to finish, helping make the application and installation process as smooth as possible.

Who do I call if I have problems with the solar panels specifically or if I have a concern about the installation?

A contract is signed between the preferred supplier and yourself. This contract outlines the responsibilities of the contractor in regards to all of your installation concerns and is liable for any shortfalls with the installation including any damages that are caused from their installation. Your satisfaction is first and foremost at EQUS so you should also let us know if you have any problems with your installation or the process. EQUS will be doing a follow up with all members to ensure that the preferred contractor is providing the premium service to the member that EQUS expects. EQUS will provide feedback to the preferred supplier for every micro-generation system installed.

I’d like to install a solar PV system, but have another contractor I want to work with – or I’m thinking of installing the system myself – can I do that?

EQUS’ Preferred Solar Supplier Program is intended to help members easily connect with a reputable contractor; however, members may use another contractor if they wish to do so. The standard micro-generation application and approval process will apply in any case.

If I work with a contractor who is not the preferred supplier, or install a solar system myself, am I still eligible for financing and/or incentives?

All EQUS members who are installing a solar PV system are eligible to apply for the incentives and to apply for EQUS financing options.

Members are free to purchase electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit http://www.ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310.4822 (toll free in Alberta).