Report an Outage



If you are experiencing a power outage in EQUS' Service Area:

  1. Check the breaker on the service (transformer) pole or fuse box to determine if the cause of the outage is a blown fuse or tripped breaker.
  2. Look for lights at your neighbours’ homes to see if they are impacted.
  3. If it’s not a breaker or fuse box, call 310-EQUS (3787) to report the outage. To help process your information more quickly, have your account number handy. The more details you can provide our staff about your outage, the better.


Power Out?

Call 310-EQUS (3787) toll-free from anywhere in Alberta to report your outage, or call 1.888.211.4011 toll-free from in North America.

Members are free to purchase electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit http://www.ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310.4822 (toll free in Alberta).